Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yes, There Is A @$*&# Rape Culture

I keep coming across incredibly depressing stories, each seeming to be the ultimate proof, if one was needed, that we are living in a rape culture (where "we" refers to everyone living everywhere with a local media, for starters). Then I encounter complete and utter $*^%@s who deny there is a rape culture, and I don't have any of the atrocities ready to hand. So I decided to make a post to put them in. And here it is.

Young girl raped, forced to apologize to whole church before being "disappeared" so her rapist wouldn't face justice. She came forward at age 28, which was the age at which she finally encountered the idea that being raped what not her fault. Her rapist was asked to apologize only for being unfaithful to his wife. Rapist also offered to beat her to cause an abortion. Extras in comments include the detail that she was forced to write a letter of apology to her rapist's wife, and victim-blaming and denial from Christian spokessubhumans.

The PROSECUTOR in a case where an intellectually disabled 10-year-old girl was gang-raped by 9 assailants fails to recognize that it was rape. This failed excuse for a human being dismissed a gang-rape as "childish experimentation", despite the fact that three of the rapists were adults, and all of them were rapists. He asked that none of the rapists serve "any periods of custody". The little girl had been previously sent into foster care after being gang-raped at age seven. The second attack happened when she was sent back to the same place where she had been raped before.

Woman is raped at gunpoint in front of her children in a Marriott hotel parking garage. Marriott responds by labeling her a negligent mother for being raped.

Swedish court decides sexual assault on sleeping girl is not a crime. Plus some extra goodies in the comments.

Several horrifying posts about football being prioritized over rape victims.

Three eye witnesses to a violent gang-rape still isn't enough to get a trial.

There will be more to follow.